Knitting knots around the family.

Going Out, Coming In October 18, 2006

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This is the package I am sending to my Hot Socks! pal in Norway: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Northern Lights, Mountain Colors Family Socks pattern, Bellagio cocoa, and a hot chocolate mug. I figure there is little to no chance that she’s going to get Mountain Colors (dyed in Montanta) in Norway and I loved the colorway.

This is one of two packages that have come in in the last two days. This is from my Hot Socks! pal and includes: 4 bars of Cadbury chocolates (mmm, Cadbury…), honey lotion, English tea, and SOCKS THAT ROCK (Mist, medium weight)!!! I have been wanting to try some of this for a long while and now it’s mine mine mine! I also got a totally cool bumper sticker that says “I knit, therefore I rock” How cool is that?!
Finally, there is my package from Sundara’s Petals Collection. This set was Falling Foliage and it’s just brilliant and saturated and the camera can just not do it justice.
Beyond that, I’ve been cranking out baby rattles for Lil’ Max and getting ready for a birthday party for the almost 7-year-old. How did he get so big?! Must be all the rain…


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