Knitting knots around the family.

Eye Candy October 27, 2006

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I know, we’ve all seen the Odessa a lot. But this one’s mine and I caught it in what little sunshine there was this afternoon. I just liked the way the beads glittered.


Flying off the handle…

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Previous post deleted due to some information that came to me from someone who I feel is a reliable source. I’ll leave my opinion at this: if you’re going to state fiber content on your label, the content should somewhat match those numbers.


"One Skein" Hat Change October 25, 2006

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I like the baby hat in “One Skein”, but I always had an issue with the decreases. So I dinked with it and came up with this. This is the top with the new side and decrease pattern.

This is the view from the side. The four “quarters” that are made by the umbrella lace pattern on the bottom are more pronounced with my changes.
Here’s the pattern changes:

Follow the pattern out of the book. Instead of going to straight stockinette stitch for the body of the hat, keep doing row 11 of the umbrella lace pattern all the way up to the decreases. I measured my hat from the shortest length to the cast-on edge.

Decreases: Knit to 2 stitches before the first purl stitch, k2tog these 2 stitches, p1, k1, p1, ssk. Do this for each p1 k1 p1 section. Next round, knit the knits, purl the purls. Continue this until you are left with 16 stitches. They will be in a k1 p1 pattern. K2tog all the way around, run thread through the 8 remaining stitches, weave in ends.

I like this, it gives a little more oomph to the hat and the cute little cross on the top so you can have something fun to look at when snuggling baby.


Trip to the Post Office October 24, 2006

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7:30 pm- Arrive at post office.

7:45- Get to the point in line where I can find international customs declaration slip. Fill out slip.

7:50 – Postal worker realized that I have neglected to write addresses directly on package. I stand to the side and write addresses.

7:55 – Postal worker realizes that I have filled out the wrong form and gives me another form.

8:00 – I take the form home to be filled out later.

I realize they’re a government agency and therefore they have to make everything as complicated as possible, but some days it would be nice if they could have someone in the line like a concierge to tell you what you really need to fill out.


Going Out, Coming In October 18, 2006

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This is the package I am sending to my Hot Socks! pal in Norway: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Northern Lights, Mountain Colors Family Socks pattern, Bellagio cocoa, and a hot chocolate mug. I figure there is little to no chance that she’s going to get Mountain Colors (dyed in Montanta) in Norway and I loved the colorway.

This is one of two packages that have come in in the last two days. This is from my Hot Socks! pal and includes: 4 bars of Cadbury chocolates (mmm, Cadbury…), honey lotion, English tea, and SOCKS THAT ROCK (Mist, medium weight)!!! I have been wanting to try some of this for a long while and now it’s mine mine mine! I also got a totally cool bumper sticker that says “I knit, therefore I rock” How cool is that?!
Finally, there is my package from Sundara’s Petals Collection. This set was Falling Foliage and it’s just brilliant and saturated and the camera can just not do it justice.
Beyond that, I’ve been cranking out baby rattles for Lil’ Max and getting ready for a birthday party for the almost 7-year-old. How did he get so big?! Must be all the rain…


Incommunicado October 16, 2006

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I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, despite what it may seem. I’ve just attended a La Leche League conference and have been knitting and getting ready for my older son’s birthday. I can’t believe he’s going to be 7!

I’ve given up on BS Monday, it just doesn’t seem worth it, although if I do see a truly excellent one, I’ll post it. And alas, no knitting pics, again… I need to get back on the ball here!

There have been some memes going around about books and books that have knitting in them. In the next few days I’m thinking I’d like to dig through my stash and see what knitting references I can see in them and post them. Kind of nerdy, lots of fun since I read so avidly and widely (Anything from the Harry Potter books to Stiff by Roach). So, if you’re an avid reader, and have some fantastic knitting quotes from non-knitting books, drop me a line in the comments or at karen_j_baker at msn dot com. 🙂


Something New October 8, 2006

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I got a little tired of green, green, and more green, so I made a change. I hope you all like it. I’ll be rebuilding it as I go, and hopefully will figure out how to post some of my free patterns as PDFs and how to play nicely with Flickr. Until then, have a little patience.