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Lawn Tractor Skiing August 8, 2006

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Excuse me?! WHAT did you just say? Oh, yes, I said lawn tractor skiing. My 6-year-old is trying out water skiing for the second summer in a row and we (we being his father and his grandfather) decided that to get him used to the speed of the boat pulling him that we would tie the ski rope to the tractor and pull him behind. I don’t have pics, unfortunately. I didn’t have my camera with me, my mother-in-law’s battery was dead, and my father-in-law didn’t know where his was. Nobody got hurt and the kid is in one piece.

This is Trice and the pattern can be found here. She was a birthday present for a two-year-old cousin. She looks very lovely, but very pink. But she did the trick and made the recipient happy and whittled down some more stash.
I tried to make it look like she has eyelashes. I hope she doesn’t look too freaky.


One Response to “Lawn Tractor Skiing”

  1. Sarah Says:

    oh my gosh you are much braver than I am that sounds dangerous!

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