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Some things are just wrong July 31, 2006

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We celebrated my younger brother-in-law’s birthday this evening and it was quite eventful. Not for the company (always fun), not for the food (always good), but for the soda served. Apparently Nick got stuck with a holiday pack from Jones Soda last year in a Christmas gift swap. They’ve lingered, untouched, until this evening when my mother-in-law decided it was time to open those puppies up and take a swig. Order of torture … er, tasting: smoked salmon pate, broccoli casserole, corn on the cob, turkey with gravy, pecan pie. I stayed well away and just watched the faces. Nick decided to bite the bullet before dinner and sample each. Erik, a good friend, decided that he couldn’t let Nick go it alone, so the two of them were sampling and making such wonderful faces. Byron decided to jump in, so it rather turned into an episode of “Larry, Curly, and Moe drink Jones’ Holiday Soda.” Carla jumped in after dinner and tasted very small amounts of the stuff. I don’t have any great pictures to go with this, but it was certainly an evening to remember.


One Response to “Some things are just wrong”

  1. jacque baker Says:

    Karen – This was so funny about the sodas- I read it out loud to Max and he enjoyed it too! Of course, there those sodas were when I got home after taking my Mom home – just lined up on my counter, so I tried them too! The 1/8 teaspoon sip I took of each was too much! And yes, the salmon pate was the worst! I’ll try to get some pictures of the boys’ tasting to you soon.


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