Knitting knots around the family.

Gone again… July 14, 2006

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My dad’s birthday was July 12, so we’re headed down to my mom’s this weekend to give him presents and to let the boys tackle him. No pics once again, I can’t find the camera and I really need to before we leave!

On the knitting front: I really need to stop telling everyone I’ve hardly ever met that I’ll knit something for them. I really do. Here’s the list of my big mouth getting me in trouble.

Mom-Branching Out again since she’s allergic to the original alpaca one.
Craig-set of socks (in progress) and a turtle for his desk.
Boys-one turtle each and each a set of striped socks.
Bryan, Craig’s best friend: pair of socks.
Charity: a lovey for her desk that I haven’t figured out what I’m doing yet.
Nikki: pair of knee-high socks that I’m swapping for her hand-stamped goods.
Lil’ Max: finish the pair of baby mitts that I started while camping and then get the 6 pairs to his parents BEFORE he goes to college!
Amy, works at the Starbucks where we go to get cookies after the chiropractor and who is just a sweetie: a scarf for her 21st birthday that is in 8 days.

See what I mean? I mean well, I really do. I just have a nasty habit of writing checks that my body can’t cash all at once. I need a clone. Or a house elf. Yeah, a house elf would be good. Think JK Rowling would be amused if I sent her an invoice for one house elf?


One Response to “Gone again…”

  1. Knot Another Hat Says:

    A house elf! That is such a good idea. I’m thinking I could use two; one here at the store and one at home. But with my luck I’d get one psycho one who’d misbehave all over the place. But still . . . all that help . . .

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