Knitting knots around the family.

Some things are just wrong July 31, 2006

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We celebrated my younger brother-in-law’s birthday this evening and it was quite eventful. Not for the company (always fun), not for the food (always good), but for the soda served. Apparently Nick got stuck with a holiday pack from Jones Soda last year in a Christmas gift swap. They’ve lingered, untouched, until this evening when my mother-in-law decided it was time to open those puppies up and take a swig. Order of torture … er, tasting: smoked salmon pate, broccoli casserole, corn on the cob, turkey with gravy, pecan pie. I stayed well away and just watched the faces. Nick decided to bite the bullet before dinner and sample each. Erik, a good friend, decided that he couldn’t let Nick go it alone, so the two of them were sampling and making such wonderful faces. Byron decided to jump in, so it rather turned into an episode of “Larry, Curly, and Moe drink Jones’ Holiday Soda.” Carla jumped in after dinner and tasted very small amounts of the stuff. I don’t have any great pictures to go with this, but it was certainly an evening to remember.


I really have been busy July 29, 2006

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Stitch detail of the Gentleman’s Half Hose for Craig that had an issue. I’ve always been fond of my husband’s legs, even with all the fur. Apparently he has larger ankles than the pattern planned for.

Instead of completely freaking out, I only freaked out a little until I realized that Craig’s best friend has skinny feet and legs. The sock didn’t fit Craig, but they fit Bryan to a T. Crisis avoided.
The scarf that I had planned for Amy’s 21st birthday didn’t really pan out like I hoped. Instead, I knit two washclothes, got two trial-sized shower gels, and packaged it all in a nice box. She loved it.

This is a bear that was given to Lil’ Max. Apparently he used to have a scarf, but it was lost. So I knit him a little one to keep him warm. I contemplated a sweater, but not until a later date. The final pair of mitts was finished and delivered. I love to knit, and I love Lil’ Max, but I have to admit to suffering mitt burn-out.


If I was anything but a SAHM…

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I’d be fired by now. I’ve been in a blogging slump. Still reading blogs, still knitting, still taking pictures, just not posting. Bad, bad, bad, especially after getting this fantastic package from my Secret Pal, along with an offer to pick up anything (within reason, of course) from Australia where she is going soon! I’d love anything native, native wool, native knick-knack, I collect postcards… 🙂

Aww, look, now I’ve got a flock… I’m so easily amused it’s pathetic.


Gone again… July 14, 2006

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My dad’s birthday was July 12, so we’re headed down to my mom’s this weekend to give him presents and to let the boys tackle him. No pics once again, I can’t find the camera and I really need to before we leave!

On the knitting front: I really need to stop telling everyone I’ve hardly ever met that I’ll knit something for them. I really do. Here’s the list of my big mouth getting me in trouble.

Mom-Branching Out again since she’s allergic to the original alpaca one.
Craig-set of socks (in progress) and a turtle for his desk.
Boys-one turtle each and each a set of striped socks.
Bryan, Craig’s best friend: pair of socks.
Charity: a lovey for her desk that I haven’t figured out what I’m doing yet.
Nikki: pair of knee-high socks that I’m swapping for her hand-stamped goods.
Lil’ Max: finish the pair of baby mitts that I started while camping and then get the 6 pairs to his parents BEFORE he goes to college!
Amy, works at the Starbucks where we go to get cookies after the chiropractor and who is just a sweetie: a scarf for her 21st birthday that is in 8 days.

See what I mean? I mean well, I really do. I just have a nasty habit of writing checks that my body can’t cash all at once. I need a clone. Or a house elf. Yeah, a house elf would be good. Think JK Rowling would be amused if I sent her an invoice for one house elf?


I made it!!! July 8, 2006

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Crown: finished. Turtle: finished. Craig stuffed the turtle and sewed him up while I stitched buttons and pearls onto the crown right before the party. But they’re done and they made it to the party. I was in too much of a hurry to get pics, so you’ll just have to wait.

Now, you want to know a little secret? Dear husband Craig donated the turtle I was making for him to Jake so that I didn’t have to go through extra hours of work since his was mostly finished. Did I get a great guy or what?!


Forgive the lack of pics July 7, 2006

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Please forgive my lack of pictures, it’s been THAT kind of day. If you view the sidebar, you’ll see that I have been busy knitting, although not quite as quickly as I would like to be. There are two special little people who have a joint birthday party on Saturday, and while her crown is mostly done, just needs “primping”, his turtle still lacks a bottom shell, head, tail, and flippers. And to be felted. And stuffed. Before 2pm Saturday.

Will I make the deadline? Stay tuned…


I’m Home… July 6, 2006

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…and the children are as combative as usual. We went camping on Orcas Island for our 7th wedding anniversary (July 4, 1999). I’ll show pics later, the boys are trying to beat each other.