Knitting knots around the family.

Funny Woman May 25, 2006

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My mother is turning 50 on Monday and I do believe she’s in denial (and I don’t mean the river in Egypt). She emailed me on my birthday to say how nice it was that I was turning 17 and that she was turning 39 next week. I really love my mom’s sense of humor.

In other things, I’m about half-way through mom’s branching out scarf in the yummy alpaca. Believe me, with all this crappy rain we’ve been having, she can still use it in late May. I’ve also cast on for the March Shamrock hat. It’s been frogged back once. This is my first attempt in fair isle and I foolishly believed that I could knit one stitch of contrast color, catch floats for 15 stitches, and have it come out all right. WRONG! So, it’s all main color until the larger part of the shamrock which has shorter floats, and then I’ll go back and duplicate stitch. This should work better, and I feel better about it after consulting the owner of a local yarn shop (who’s been knitting longer than I’ve been alive) and my best buddy and having them verify my idea.

I’ve been reading Yarn Harlot books, as I got all 3 of them for my birthday, and I’ve already finished one. I HEART this woman! It’s nice to read about her humble beginings as a knitter and hear about her failed works, and realize that she’s just like the rest of us. When I read blogs like Grumperina and Yarn Harlot, I sometimes wonder why I blog, when I’m not nearly as good as they are and they are just so quick and so crafty! Now I know: they’ve come a long way from their first wobbly stitches, and one day, I will be there too.


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