Knitting knots around the family.

Good Things in Small Packages May 17, 2006

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Ben and Jerry’s have finally figured it out. They now have baby ice cream cups, as seen above. Cute, full of the fattening B & J goodness we love (some more than others), but in a convenient portion-controlled size.
Yup, this is me and the fam on Mother’s Day. The short person on the left is the one who sliced his thumb a few weeks back and the little one on the right is his tormentor.

Knitting has been coming along, slowly. The heat we’ve been having has been sucking my energy, along with working on filling the garden boxes. The tart hat was huge hit, her mom absolutely loved it. And I got an email from my secret pal! My friend Sarah was in SP7 and her spoiler never contacted her, so she ended up with an angel, but it was still a big dissapointment to her. I’m so glad to have heard from mine already!


One Response to “Good Things in Small Packages”

  1. jacque Says:

    What a great picture of you all! I think I need that for my collection as it has been a while since I had one of all of you!


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