Knitting knots around the family.

The Tooth Fairy should be fired. April 7, 2006

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This is the latest of Colt’s teeth to fall out. When the bottom two fell out, their replacements were already coming up, so he didn’t have that big of a gap. He’s a charming fellow to begin with, but I absolutely ADORE the gap. So, he loses the tooth, puts it under his pillow, goes to sleep. Daddy, AKA the Tooth Fairy, forgets to swap the tooth for a dollar before he takes a shower the next morning. A very distraught Colten meets him in the bathroom to say that the tooth fairly stole his tooth, but didn’t leave anything. My husband thinks quick and tells him that he startled the Tooth Fairy when he got up to take a shower and that they’ll be back later. We’re not quite sure if Colt bought the whole story or not, but he was happy with his dollar anyway.


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