Knitting knots around the family.

Baaaaaad Kitty! April 7, 2006

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She looks so sweet and innocent… until you notice that the blob of white to the right of her is the end of my keyboard and she’s actually sitting on the keyboard, in front of my computer screen. And then we get to the fact that she steals yarn. Not just any yarn, but animal fiber. Wool is her absolute favorite. I bought a bunch of sock yarn for all 3 of my boys (yes, I consider my husband one of the boys). Kev and Colt had picked out a skein of orange sock yarn each, but when I unloaded the bag and went to wind it, no orange to be found. Anywhere. The boys say they haven’t seen it, and it’s not lurking under the beds or strewn through the house like other yarns have been in the past when the cat has shown interest. So today I decide I’m going to find the yarn, come hell or high water. I played the “where would I hide yarn if I was a kitty” game. So I looked in my closet behind our big rolling suitcase. Lo and behold, there it was, slightly out of shape, but not strewn from here to Timbuktu. The cat’s saving grace: she keeps my knees warm at night and she’s more snuggly than my other furball kitty. She just needs to learn not to steal yarn and sit on the keyboard… particularly when I’m typing on it.


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