Knitting knots around the family.

Mom needs a nap April 28, 2006

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Things have been freaking busy around here, and it’s not going to get any better! All of our weekends in May are full, we have 5 birthdays to celebrate in May (one of them mine), SP 8 to gear up for, and I’ve got babies coming out of my ears. A cousin delivered a baby girl last week, another baby girl is due in August, and my nephew is still set to make his arrival in early June and I’m not done finishing and washing his hats and I’ve started on the two girl hats! What is up with me?! I used to be like “hey, I’m cranking out projects with no one in mind for them.” Now I’m getting to the point of “stop the world, I want to get OFF!”

Mom needs a nap.


He Won’t Be 6 Forever April 21, 2006

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My older son decided to sneak a steak knife into his room last night to pry open a plastic shell that came around a sucker. Apparently, he sliced his finger open, then went to the bathroom to fix it and hide the evidence. I heard him whimpering in the bathroom and sent my husband in to see what was going on. My bathroom looked like a slasher flick. Blood everywhere and a good chunk of my son’s thumb pad was dangling loose and bleeding profusely. So off to the ER we went and soon found out that you don’t go to the ER nearest our house. After the joys of being with my son through numbing shots, multiple rounds of wound cleaning, and 8 stitches (which is a lot when you think about how small a 6-year-old thumb is), we get discharged with two prescriptions. We live in South Seattle, and being in a city-esque setting, you figured it would be relatively easy to fill scripts due to a number of 24-hour pharmacies nearby, particularly at 11:30 at night. Ha. Ha. Ha. The first Walgrens we went to was 5 miles from the house and I stood in line for 10 minutes and saw NOBODY being helped in front of me. On to the next Walgrens, 5 miles away. They have a pharmacy tech out sick and they are still trying to catch up with the day’s scripts and the wait would be an hour and a half. Lucky enough, the gal working there realized what a long evening it had already been, input my information in the computer system, asked where I lived, and called the next Walgrens where the wait was only 20 minutes. So, 3 Walgrens, 2 sleeping kids, and 2 hours later, we have scripts and get to come home. Bedtime was 2:30am this morning. I just keep reminding myself of what I was like at this age, what I’ve heard my husband and his brothers were like at this age, and tell myself that he won’t be 6 forever. Just long enough to turn me grey.


Hubby’s Easter Socks April 14, 2006

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These are the Thuja socks from Knitty Winter 2005. I was going to sneakily make them for my husband and surprise him with them on Easter morning, but he guessed what I was making. They’re made in the Granite Peak colorway of Mountain Colors weaver’s wool quarters. Yummy colors. Done before Easter.


Yarn from MIL April 13, 2006

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This weekend I got some yarn from my mother-in-law. Last night I decided to wind it and see what Yarndex said about some of the yarns. Above is Katia “Terra”. Yarndex says it doesn’t exist. I’m not sure how old any of this yarn is.
Next up, Reynolds “Lite-Lopi”. Looks perfect to felt something non-wearable in because of all the scratchiness. I prefer soft wool. This is closer to barbed wire.
I have NO idea what this is. It’s thick, two toned, and I think it’ll work great for Christmas ornaments/stockings. It didn’t come with a label, but from feel, I’m guessing wool, possibly wool/acrylic.
Cascade 220 in a pretty blue. Notice the brown paper label. Definitely before the time of the current glossy black label.

Tonight was Passover dinner. I’m stuffed to the gills. And I ate my one traditional piece of the gefelte fish from Sunday. I’m good til Rosh Hashanah.


One Foot, Two Foot, Red Foot, Blue Foot… April 12, 2006

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When I suggested we go to Parkside Wool to have my husband pick out some sock yarn, I didn’t imagine that we’d end up with 12 skeins of yarn, or that my children would even want to look at sock yarn, much less pick out their own.
As it turned out, the 6 skeins of blues and greys will be going to the hubby’s feet. The red, orange, and yellow skeins will be going to my eldest’s feet, and the 2 blue and 1 orange skeins will be going to the littlest’s feet. That’s 3 solid pairs for my husband, and at least 2 pairs per each kid of stripey socks. Did I mention I’m only up to knitting the 3rd pair of socks ever in my life?


Birthday Wishes

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My birthday is coming up in about a month and a half. What perfect timing, since we’ll just be kicking off Secret Pal 8, which I am all signed up for! I figured I’d post my list for pal and family alike and see where it goes.
(Edited 5/21/06: Anything in RED has been received)

Knitting Books
“Knitting Rules”, “Yarn Harlot” and “At Knit’s End” by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
“One Skein” by Leigh Radford
“Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Flowers”
“Odd Ball Knitting” by Barbara Albright
All 3 “KnitLit” books
“The Little Box of Knitted Throws”

Magazine Subscriptions
Interweave Knits
Family Circle Easy Knitting
Family Fun

Gift Certificates
Acorn Street Yarn Shop
Knot Another Hat
The Knittery
Home Depot

IKEA Bench
and a retractable clothes line.

After I wind some yarn and take some pics, I’ll update on knitting stuff.


Something smells fishy… April 10, 2006

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… oh, yeah, it’s me! I married into a Jewish-Lutheran family, so we celebrate Jewish high holidays and the Christian ones. Today was the day of making gefelte fish for Passover dinner Wednesday night. Basically take a couple of different kinds of fish, grind together with onion, add matzo meal, salt, pepper, little sugar, little water until correct consistency is reached, cook in broth. If you’re not hip on fish, you’re probably not going to like this. I eat my one official piece at Passover and Rosh Hashanah and call it good. The drawback is that you smell like fish until your next shower. Preferrably soon after making fishy.

Pass the orange verbena shower gel…