Knitting knots around the family.

The highs (and mainly lows) of the week March 6, 2006

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I’ve been really really bad about blogging lately. Partly because my two boys and husband have been sick, partly because I don’t think anyone reads this darn thing. Even with all the insanity of snotty noses, all night coughing sessions, and extreme sleep deprivation, the week has bought some good things.

1. I figured out how to properly short-row my apple hat for Baby Baker’s collection. The first hat looked like a funnel, or like a mammary glad with an inverted nipple if you are in the know of breastfeeding. Next stop: brown stem and leaf. I will post the pattern later, along with pics.

2. Started “Branching Out” for my mom in the Frog Tree alpaca. My choice since Mom wouldn’t say anything more than “well, you pick, you’re the one who’s working on it.”After frogging twice, have gotten through 1 pattern repeat without screwing up. I’m sure this is just a fluke.

3. Started Purly White’s cable and seed stitch baby hat in Elizabeth Lavold (sorry about the spelling) cotton paine. My first cable project, but seems to be okay. I just need to remember that the cable needle plays nicer with me if I slide the stitches onto the short end and off of the long end.

4. Found out that one of my favorite people is due with a baby in early September. Such happy news!

Been a busy week. I sure hope this week brings more knitting and less snot. And I really hope I get my car back on the 8th. She was in the paint shop last Friday, so I have hopes. A rental car is just not the same.


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