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Revised Ears Done! February 25, 2006

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This is what MY finished ear looks like. It’s all one piece, worked in short rows. Wanna do it too? Here’s the pattern.
Cast on 40 stitches using provisional (or invisible) method in color 1 (the outer ear color). You’ll want to graft the cast-on stitches to the final row of stitches.
Row 1: Purl 40. Row 2: Knit 37, wrap and turn. Row 3: P 37. For rows 4-9, EVEN numbered rows are knit, decreasing 2 stitches per row, and wrapping and turning at the end of these rows. Odd numbered rows will be purled. Row 10: Knit all 40 stitches, picking up the wraps and knitting them with the stitch. Row 11: Purl 40.
Row 12: Start color 2 (the inner ear) and knit 31 stitches, wrap and turn. The inner ear is done in garter stitch rather than stockinette so the color change is hidden better and there is better definition between the inner and outer ear. Row 13: K31. For rows 14-19, knit all rows, increasing by 2 stitches on the EVEN rows and picking up the wraps with the stitches. For rows 20-25, continue to knit all rows, decreasing by 2 stitches on the EVEN rows and wrapping and turning. Row 26: Start color 1 (outer ear) again and knit all 40 stitches, picking up the wraps with the stitches. Row 27: P40. Row 28: K 31, wrap and turn. Row 29: P31. Rows 30-35: EVEN rows are increased by 2 stitches and the wraps are picked up with the stitches. ODD rows are purled. Place provisional cast-on stitches onto a needle, then graft to live stitches of Row 35. I didn’t sew up the top end of the ears because it so much narrower than the bottom that I didn’t feel it needed it. I took care of my ends from the color changes before I grafted for ease. Before you graft, your ear will look like the photo below.

After the graft, it will look like the ear above and you will not be able to see a seam. Viola! Ear finished.

I realized that the ears above do not precisely match the orignal pattern, but with some working with a different number of stitches in the short rows, they can be shaped more like the original pattern. I was just so happy to get the darn things done without hideous seaming and too many tears that I just left the pattern as is.


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