Knitting knots around the family.

Bunny Ears Suck! February 24, 2006

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I like bunny ears as much as the next person. At least I did until today. All I had to do on the bunny hat was stitch the inner and outer ears together and sew them to the hat. Yeah, riiiiiiiiight.

The pattern (from SNB Nation) calls for blanket stitching the two parts of the ear together. WTF?! Blanket stitch to me is an ornamental stitch, and Wynn at The Knittery agreed with me. So I tried seaming it another way, and of course that didn’t pan out. Then I tried to put the two pieces together by crochetting them with a slip stitch. Bulky and just looked wrong.

So, I look at the pieces required for the ears, decide that they royally suck, and decide to come up with my own short-row ears. They’re still in process, but they appear to be working better than the two piece horrors were. And I thought that the horrible thought of two pieces only applied to bikinis.


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