Knitting knots around the family.

Boycott FTD Online February 15, 2006

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My husband got me a miniature rose bush from FTD for Valentine’s Day. So it would stand to reason that I would have posted this yesterday, on Valentine’s Day.

One problem. It didn’t arrive until today. With all but two blooms in the bottom of the packaging. And with the branches all bent to hell. And overwatered so that it’s not exactly looking perky. So, after pinching off dead blooms and branches and leaves, I’m left with exactly one red blossom.

I can’t find my camera, otherwise there would be photos of the poor thing. In the meantime, hubby is calling FTD online and really chewing them out. He’s also decided that the next time he wants to do something like this, he’ll go to a local nursury and pick out the thing for himself.

I’ve decided to name the poor thing “Edie”. She deserves a name after all the hell she’s been through.


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