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Unconventional Valentine February 9, 2006

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Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. Last night my hubby and I went to the home and garden show at the convention center. LOTS to see and tons of cool ideas, along with some that were… well, they were just down right cheesy.

My husband got me my Valentine’s gift last night too. Most of you are probably thinking “okay, home and garden show, probably got her plants or flowers or something sweet for the yard.” And you would all be wrong.

My husband got me worms. Yes, you read that right. Worms.

More aptly, he got me a worm bin that can house a pound of worms who will happily eat our kitchen scraps (no dairy or meat, but they’ll eat pizza crust and pizza boxes) and give us rich worm castings (castings=poo for those not in the know) in return for a nice covered space that doesn’t get too cold (our garage). All we have to do is send in for our pound of worms and get this operation going.

I think it’s one of the best Valentines I’ve ever gotten. Yup, I’m weird.


One Response to “Unconventional Valentine”

  1. Sarah Says:

    You are weird 😉

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