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Revised Ears Done! February 25, 2006

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This is what MY finished ear looks like. It’s all one piece, worked in short rows. Wanna do it too? Here’s the pattern.
Cast on 40 stitches using provisional (or invisible) method in color 1 (the outer ear color). You’ll want to graft the cast-on stitches to the final row of stitches.
Row 1: Purl 40. Row 2: Knit 37, wrap and turn. Row 3: P 37. For rows 4-9, EVEN numbered rows are knit, decreasing 2 stitches per row, and wrapping and turning at the end of these rows. Odd numbered rows will be purled. Row 10: Knit all 40 stitches, picking up the wraps and knitting them with the stitch. Row 11: Purl 40.
Row 12: Start color 2 (the inner ear) and knit 31 stitches, wrap and turn. The inner ear is done in garter stitch rather than stockinette so the color change is hidden better and there is better definition between the inner and outer ear. Row 13: K31. For rows 14-19, knit all rows, increasing by 2 stitches on the EVEN rows and picking up the wraps with the stitches. For rows 20-25, continue to knit all rows, decreasing by 2 stitches on the EVEN rows and wrapping and turning. Row 26: Start color 1 (outer ear) again and knit all 40 stitches, picking up the wraps with the stitches. Row 27: P40. Row 28: K 31, wrap and turn. Row 29: P31. Rows 30-35: EVEN rows are increased by 2 stitches and the wraps are picked up with the stitches. ODD rows are purled. Place provisional cast-on stitches onto a needle, then graft to live stitches of Row 35. I didn’t sew up the top end of the ears because it so much narrower than the bottom that I didn’t feel it needed it. I took care of my ends from the color changes before I grafted for ease. Before you graft, your ear will look like the photo below.

After the graft, it will look like the ear above and you will not be able to see a seam. Viola! Ear finished.

I realized that the ears above do not precisely match the orignal pattern, but with some working with a different number of stitches in the short rows, they can be shaped more like the original pattern. I was just so happy to get the darn things done without hideous seaming and too many tears that I just left the pattern as is.


Bunny Ears Suck! February 24, 2006

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I like bunny ears as much as the next person. At least I did until today. All I had to do on the bunny hat was stitch the inner and outer ears together and sew them to the hat. Yeah, riiiiiiiiight.

The pattern (from SNB Nation) calls for blanket stitching the two parts of the ear together. WTF?! Blanket stitch to me is an ornamental stitch, and Wynn at The Knittery agreed with me. So I tried seaming it another way, and of course that didn’t pan out. Then I tried to put the two pieces together by crochetting them with a slip stitch. Bulky and just looked wrong.

So, I look at the pieces required for the ears, decide that they royally suck, and decide to come up with my own short-row ears. They’re still in process, but they appear to be working better than the two piece horrors were. And I thought that the horrible thought of two pieces only applied to bikinis.


Too many projects, not enough sleep… February 21, 2006

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Okay, Blogger uploaded my photos weird, but I’m running with it anyway. The top and bottom photos are the Frog Tree Alpaca for my mom’s Branching Out. Pros: Soft, hopefully non-allergenic, decent color, nice warmth factor, will still look “lacy”. Cons: Potential allergen, “fuzzes” up at times, not quite what I was looking for.

The middle two photos are Berroco Cotton Twist, potential yarn for the same project. Pros: Soft, definitely non-allergenic, fantastic color. Cons: may make the laciness of the scarf seem heavy, cotton will be heavier in weight than alpaca. URGH!

And if that’s not enough for this poor knitter, my shoulder pain from the accident has been making sleep difficult and the bunny hat from SNB Nation looks like it could potentially fit my 3-year-old instead of a 10-month-old. I’m not frogging it yet, I’ll keep on ploughing. The February hat IS, however, going to the frog pond. It just bugs me.

Here’s hoping for sleep.


What to do, what to do… February 20, 2006

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My mother came up last weekend for ds#2’s birthday. I was browsing through a Patternworks catalogue, and she asks what I’m looking at. I tell her yarn, and she’s like “nah, think I’ll pass.” Two minutes later, she hijacks it from me, finds a lace book in it, and starts going “OOOOOHHHHHH!” I tell her it’s just a book, she says she wants something in lace. So I show her Knitty’s “Branching Out” pattern, and she’s all over it.

Okay, so now we have a pattern. Now comes the BIG problem: my mom is allergic to wool, cashmere, angora, and mohair. And of course, both sample branching outs were made in wool and mohair. So we go hunting on-line for potential fixes. I fall in love with an alpaca and silk blend that goes for about $30 a skein. Mother loses it. “THAT’S TOO EXPENSIVE!” Okay, onward and upward, careful to NOT tell her what they cost unless they notice. But I’m just not finding anything that floats my boat.

I got some Berroco Cotton Twist from the Seattle Yarn Gallery last week, but I was hesitant because of the gauge. So Thursday I decide to go to the Knittery to hunt some more. Just two blocks from the shop, I get rear-ended at a stoplight. At least no one was seriously hurt and it was only two cars. At last I get to the store, and after almost an hour of hunting and feeling and torturing my mind, I find Frog Tree Alpaca Wool, 100% alpaca. Lovely color, although not as lovely as the Cotton Twist color. It’s not going to be a wippie for a bit, but I needed some yarn therapy after last week with the husband down, getting hit, and having to go to the chiropractor myself for neck and shoulder issues. At least I can still knit.


Ski Boot Socks Completed! February 16, 2006

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After 2 whole days of no knitting at all, a couple of us gals abandoned our husbands with our children and ran off for a girls’ night out last night. We went to the Seattle Yarn Gallery and then to Uptown Coffee.I cranked out the rest of my sock and was left with just the toe to graft. I got home, grafted the toe, and something weird happened, so I had to frog a row or two, but the sock was completed this morning, all ends weaved in. No, the two socks don’t match, I need to work on matching up stripes BEFORE I start the project, but at least they’re done and their intended recipient enjoys them. Or will, once he gets back into the snow.


Boycott FTD Online February 15, 2006

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My husband got me a miniature rose bush from FTD for Valentine’s Day. So it would stand to reason that I would have posted this yesterday, on Valentine’s Day.

One problem. It didn’t arrive until today. With all but two blooms in the bottom of the packaging. And with the branches all bent to hell. And overwatered so that it’s not exactly looking perky. So, after pinching off dead blooms and branches and leaves, I’m left with exactly one red blossom.

I can’t find my camera, otherwise there would be photos of the poor thing. In the meantime, hubby is calling FTD online and really chewing them out. He’s also decided that the next time he wants to do something like this, he’ll go to a local nursury and pick out the thing for himself.

I’ve decided to name the poor thing “Edie”. She deserves a name after all the hell she’s been through.


The Underwear Oracle February 14, 2006

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I think it speaks for itself. I just couldn’t resist the urge for trouble.

What Your Underwear Says About You
You like your underwear to make you feel girlish and pretty. Let’s hope you’re a chick.
You’re comfortable in your own skin – and don’t care to impress anyone.